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22 March, 2016


Already it began the Spring! The Hotel Alamo leaves of side the clothes of coat and submerges inside the summer beauty that one presents during this season, flood of surprises for our clients and friends. We encourage you to live the spring in our city, which shines with another color during this epoch and fills us with forces for the wait of such a wished summer. The hot breeze of the sea invites us to live closely through the experience and the tranquility, do not hope that they tell it to you, live through it!

One lives the spring in Alicante as an explosion of colors. The climate of the one that enjoys the city all the year round is very wanted for whom he visits the city for the first time, and the one who repeats knows safely that it is going to find an exceptional city provided with a climate that rocks with the marine breeze of the Mediterranean sea and to which brilliance gives the intense light of the Sun.

The parks and gaexplanada-de-espac3b1ardens are full of flowers, as the rotundas and streets, there is lived an explosion of very intense colors specially in this epoch, while the palms of Alicante move to and fro and yerguen on squares and parks. The famous Esplanade of Spain is charming during this epoch of the year, his teselas imitate the waves of the sea inspiring a calm walk for the viandante.

If you you like to see surrounded with palms, in The Palm grove one finds the major concentration of palms of the city, together with a small reservoir in which to give you a walk in boat. In addition, there are infantile games for all the ages and a track of Cross-country race. It is an idyllic place to happen the day in company of the family, friends, pair and to enjoy a privileged environment replete with palms.

Alicante is a very happy city and in spring it dresses of holiday. At the beginning of May the neighborhood of Santa Cruz, the most singular and ancient of the city located under the skirts of the Castle Holy Barbara, decparque-del-palmeralorates the windows of his houses with the crosses of May. It is a question of a very ancient tradition that it lasts in this zone of Alicante and that it consists of adorning the streets with garlands of colors and of constructing beautiful crosses axes with flowers. It is a very picturesque neighborhood that undoubtedly you must visit, you will fall in love with the alive colors and the beauty of the environment.

And certainly, like not to recommend during these dates to visit Tabarca’s Island and to enjoy without burdens of the tranquility that comes the place, without visitors’ agglomeration. You will be able to live through the experience of the form that more you like, well be sunbathing and enjoying the sea, crossing his streets, diving his coves and beaches and even enjoying the local gastronomy. It is an island that will seduce you for his genuineness and his inhabitants will do in turn of the visit a gratifying experience.

And this is not quite, since during the spring there takes place one of the most important events for the interior of the province of Alicante, we speak about the bloom of the cherry-trees, a visual precious spectacle that undoubtedly it must be contemplated and in addition tasted!. If you have the opportunity, we advise you to realize an excursion to the interior of the province, for example to the Vall de Laguart or Vall de Gallinera, thus you will see with your own eyes the phenomenon that we have described and that we wish to know.

And to end, we you want to dedicate Machado’s poem in which the spring beauty is described. From the Hotel Poplar we want to encourage you that you us visit during the spring, have many surprises prepared for our clients, as well as an exceptional location to live through the only and unrepeatable experience in the best place of the world.

The spring was kissing softly the grove,

and the green new one

was appearing as

a green smoke.


The clouds were happening

on the juvenile field…

I saw in the leaves trembling

the fresh rains of April.


Under this flowery almond-tree,

everything loaded with flower

-I remember-, I is the wicked

one my youth without love.


Today, in half of the life,

I have stopped to ponder …

youth lived,

who was never turning you to dreaming!

Antonio Machado

Hotel El Álamo

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Hotel situado en el corazón de la ciudad de Alicante. A 200 metros del mar, entre el centro de comercio, la playa del Postiguet y la zona de ocio del Puerto deportivo de Alicante.


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