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4 September, 2017


Dear companions of the Hotel Álamo, on this occasion we want to share with you some keys to avoid starting anew the daily routine under stress and exhaustion. And also, we want to invite you to visit us, to share your time with the best company and … enjoy the best rest! We are 24 hours at your disposal, do not wait until the last moment and book in advance in the Alamo to enjoy the best offers!


1. Efficient work, more free time

Socializing is fine, but outside of your work schedule. Instead of taking four coffees next to the machine, limit your dose of caffeine and comment the best of the day to the exit. Do not get distracted and spend eight hours at work, not one more. With this attitude, you will get these benefits; you will be more productive, you will gain in health, increase your creativity and you will be happier.

2. Check what you do

Organizing is easy if you know how, so check what you spend during the day or write a diary to try to improve the way you spend the hours.

3. Squeezing Minutes

We leave some guidelines to maximize the hours of the day:

– Reflect. You can do it on the bus or car on the way to work, when getting up or even before going to bed. Do not get carried away by the routine or what others expect of you.

– Define your priorities. Do not leave things that are very important to you or put the tasks that are difficult for you, because you risk not finding the time to do them.

– Keep it real. It is not filling your list of endless things to do, knowing that you will not be feasible to carry it out. That alone will cause you anxiety or frustration. It is best to define which of these tasks are most important and choose the ones that you can manage throughout the day.

– Make a list. This list has to be motivating, that the activities are an incentive. And reward yourself for what you are getting by giving you a reward when you manage to undertake the most complex tasks, recognize your achievements as you would with your best friend.

– Use the technology in your favor. Mobiles, tablets, computers … helps us to be more efficient in time management, but sometimes they become our enemies and steal our time. That difference is established by us. At times when you need to be focused and 100% focused on the task you are doing, it is preferable that you do not have distractions: turn off notifications of message alerts or emails or disconnect the phone. You will notice the difference between being totally present, being aware of only one activity at this precise moment, you will experience what it is to be here and now.

We hope you follow our advice!

Hotel El Álamo

About Hotel El Álamo

Hotel situado en el corazón de la ciudad de Alicante. A 200 metros del mar, entre el centro de comercio, la playa del Postiguet y la zona de ocio del Puerto deportivo de Alicante.


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