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7 April, 2017

Benefits of Chia

Good morning to all our followers of all our social networks, faithful readers who choose us to find out the latest news. On this occasion we want to share a little of our mentality, which goes with promoting the culture of well-being in people in order to achieve a better quality of life. The topic that we are going to discuss today is about “La semilla de chia”. A food with several properties and many to discover.

The seed of Chia is a food with a flavor that many people associate with the walnut, and has a lot of vitamins and minerals that can help us to reduce those extra kilos, to control the habit of snacking at inappropriate times, and in short You are feeling better with your body and mind.

But the thing does not end here. The benefits of eating chia seeds are many and we wanted to collect some healthy reasons for you to try to test this seed.

It is fashionable … and it benefits us!

Heart Healthy Chia SeedsThere is a real desire for these chia seeds. We can say that they are very fashionable. Some nutrition experts have reported on their qualities, but there is still a great deal of ignorance about all the benefits that this food can bring.

Before exposing its benefits, we must take into account is a very tasty food and allows a great versatility in the kitchen. Many chefs use chia seeds to complement many dishes: from the most exotic to the most traditional.

The health properties of chia seeds are very diverse. Something has to have

This food for which several nutritionists recommend it highly. “Chia” is a term of Mayan origin, whose meaning is strength. For several thousand years, chia has been the favorite food of Mayan and Aztec societies, not in vain has a multitude of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that facilitate our body to fight bad fats, in addition to providing us with different benefits. It is a very consumed food among athletes, but even if you do not practice much physical activity, you can benefit from your daily consumption to feel better. Further. As we have already said, is a nutritious food and it can have its place in almost any dish you can imagine. There are people who include chia in yogurt, in soups, in breakfast cereals, in purees, in salads … Stick with virtually anything! The more daring have even launched to experiment with chia seed, including in cupcakes or cakes.

English nutritionist Maddie Shaw says that chia seeds contain no gluten (and therefore a celiac food), and contain Omega 3, in addition to fiber and antioxidants.

Chia seeds, as we have already mentioned, give us great energy, as well as fiber. But our muscles are built thanks to protein, and chia is also a rich food in it. Thus, it will help us increase muscle mass and regenerate those muscle tissues that need it.

chia 3A much healthier and cheaper option than the classic protein shakes that many athletes take after training. And even if you do not play sports, it can also help you have a healthier body.

Chia seeds facilitate our body to eliminate leftover liquids and toxins, in addition to regulating the intestinal flora and slow the process of cellular oxidation. In short, chia is responsible for regulating many bodily processes and functions.

Some more information about its nutritional contribution:

-It provides twice as much protein as most vegetables

-It contains twice as much potassium as banana

-It brings us twice as much fiber as oats

-Triple of iron than lentils

-Five times more calcium intake than cow’s milk

Obviously, it is not enough to eat only seeds of chia, but our physical and psychological health is based on many variables. If we talk about eating habits, chia is a great complement, but the basis of our health must be a balanced and varied diet, in addition to practicing physical exercise and good healthy habits.

From the Hotel Alamo we hope you liked this advice to make the most of the best of gifts, that is life. We are delighted to share with you all a little of our lifestyle since we are always in pursuit of culture and sport.


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