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18 August, 2017

Carrot, lemon and its benefits

Good morning, friends of the Hotel Alamo, today we bring you an article of great interest that you can take advantage of the information in which we will discover how fantastic it is to consume carrot and lemon, Today we will share the variety of benefits and properties of these unique foods.

Lemon juice and carrot are good foods to start improving the health of the body and lose weight at the same time. These foods have very interesting slimming properties, and the carrot contains a lot of fiber and water, is notable for its cleansing effects, diuretics, detox, while lemon is a good contribution of vitamin C and is perfect for burning more fat and Improve digestion.

Lemon juice and carrot together form a perfect cocktail to include in slimming diets, as it helps reduce appetite during the day and favors the burning of fats due to the properties of these two foods. Let’s see, next, what are the benefits of carrot and lemon juice to lose weight considering the properties of each of these ingredients:

Benefits of slimming carrot.

Due to its high content of water and fiber, it is very depurative and therefore helps eliminate all toxins, fat and waste accumulated in the body.

It is a diuretic helping to combat fluid retention and consequent swelling. This stimulates renal function and allows the expulsion of excess water through urination.

– The detoxifying effect is due to its richness in vitamins and minerals that improves the metabolic processes of the body.

Its consumption provides a great feeling of satiety, which is a great help to lose weight, because it allows us to reduce the amount of food that we usually ingest each day.

– It has anti-inflammatory properties very beneficial to the digestive system, as it helps to fight heaviness, abdominal swelling, flatulence, etc.

It is a thermogenic food, which means that when consumed it increases body temperature and this is what produces a higher calorie burn.

– Another not less important benefit is the one that strengthens the nails and the hair, which contributes shine. Carrot stem cells are rich in beta-carotene, also called provitamin A, which in the body is transformed into retinol or Vitamin A. These compounds repair cells damaged by environmental effects, thus strengthening and revitalizing nails and hair. Vitamin A helps in the production of sebum, beneficial to the scalp.

Benefits of Lemon Slimming

Lemon is very rich in a special fiber called “Pectin” (soluble fiber), which acts strongly in the fight to combat cravings. This will act as one of the most useful components in your diet. On the other hand, it contributes to the alkalinization of your body, which is why it will reduce the feeling of hunger during your day.

– It benefits the health of the digestive system and improves the process of digestion. It stimulates the production of gastric juices of the stomach and, therefore, the foods consumed decompose more quickly and the fats are not accumulated in the organism.

– Helps prevent swelling of the abdomen and gas suffering.

It is an excellent natural diuretic that favors the elimination of toxins and prevents the accumulation of liquid, which is also important to avoid cellulite.

From the Hotel Alamo we hope you liked this advice and we encourage you not to stop taking these fantastic foods, which with these properties and benefits is to have a health impermeable to any discomfort or illness.

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