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29 May, 2017

Foods that provide wellness

Good morning, friends, as is your custom, today we bring you the best tips to take care of our health. With this advice we will make it easier, today we are going to try on the benefit that the food brings, counting also with some …

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15 May, 2017


The Jump of the Usero is a natural space that finds in the northwest slope of the hill of the Castellar by where they pass the waters of the river Mula, in a place called El Molinar. It is considered as one of the most …

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Good morning dear readers of our content. On this occasion we go on stage, we will enter a spectacular event that will fill our evening joy, this is a very special concert of classical music, are you ready to discover the benefits of classical music …

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24 April, 2017

The Amaranth

Good morning Friends who are always in the expectation of our publications, today the Hotel Alamo wants to bring you an important topic that has to do with natural medicine, and we often leave it aside. This time is the opportunity to discover how to …

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21 April, 2017


What is Reiki? It is a therapy from traditional Japanese medicine that considers that by the hands can be channelized the energy of the universe to be able to heal some affections that we have both physical, mental and spiritual. This therapy has its essence and philosophy that in the body of the person flow different energies where the chakras are channeled, and when the energy stagnates in one of these corporal points is when we fall with some illness or annoyance. Next we will reveal the main benefits of Reiki so that you understand why it has evolved to become one of the most demanded therapies.
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17 April, 2017

Toni Pons Show in Alicante

Good morning from Hotel Alamo! Once again we bring to you the most important events which are going to take place in our city. As you know, in Alicante we have many events and for all tastes, both musical, theatrical, sports, cultural and everything you …

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7 April, 2017

Benefits of Chia

This food for which several nutritionists recommend it highly. "Chia" is a term of Mayan origin, whose meaning is strength. For several thousand years, chia has been the favorite food of Mayan and Aztec societies, not in vain has a multitude of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that facilitate our body to fight bad fats, in addition to providing us with different benefits. It is a very consumed food among athletes, but even if you do not practice much physical activity, you can benefit from your daily consumption to feel better. Further. As we have already said, is a nutritious food and it can have its place in almost any dish you can imagine. There are people who include chia in yogurt, in soups, in breakfast cereals, in purees, in salads ... Stick with virtually anything! The more daring have even launched to experiment with chia seed, including in cupcakes or cakes.
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27 March, 2017

The Tea Properties

Tea is a drink habitually used by the natural medicine of oriental civilizations to take advantage of its therapeutic properties, the green tea and the red tea are used to lose weight because they are diuretics, reason for what not only they do not put on weight but also they help you to Slim. But they have more properties like that they are beneficious for our health and in addition other types and varieties of tea also exist.
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13 March, 2017

New Exhibition in the MARQ of Alicante for 2017: The Mayas and their “Estela de Calakmul”

Good morning dear friends of the Hotel Álamo, today we would like to inform you about an exhibition to be held in the spring of 2017 at the MARQ (Archaeological Museum of Alicante). An exhibition that will make us travel through one of the most …

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6 March, 2017

Ecotouristic routes to the Natural Park of La Mata

Good morning Friends of the Alamo Hotel today we want to propose a visit that you can not miss, and worth knowing, it is a splendid natural spot, that many of you would like to meet with family or friends. It is one of the …

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