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pet friendly
28 April, 2015

Destination PET FRIENDLY

Summer’s coming to Alicante! It’s time to get away for the weekend and to enjoy it and the best company you could have is your dog.

Don’t forget to prepare the things that your pet needs:

pet friendly alicante

  • A suitcase with all his necessities (food, beverage, bed, dog dish, toys, dog leash, documentation, medicine, etc).
  • You must stop every two hours so that he can get out of the car, stretch his legs, breathe fresh air, drink, etc.
  • He has to wear a safety belt, he can’t be loose inside the car.

Also, staying with your pet in Alicante is no longer a problem. At pet friendly Hotel Alamo you can enjoy your stay and visit the city on foot. There’re lots of places where you can go walking and where you can have a great time! Visit the Explanada, Canalejas Park, Postiguet beach promenade, Ereta Park in Santa Bárbara Castle, San Fernando Castle and many more.

And best of all, you can enjoy days at the beach with your pet in Punta del Riu Sec cove in Campello, only 14Kilometers away from Hotel Álamo. It’s a small cove situated in the countryside, easily accesible and centrally located. Furthermore it’s 500 meters from the dog park.

How to get to the pet friendly beach from Hotel Álamo:

pet firendly

Pets can run on the beach, bathe and play with other animals and you can enjoy a quiet day at the beach without having to worry about whether the police or the Coast Guard come to fine you as it happens elsewhere.

Let us know when you’re coming and we’ll keep you updated on news for your pet!

Hotel El Álamo

About Hotel El Álamo

Hotel situado en el corazón de la ciudad de Alicante. A 200 metros del mar, entre el centro de comercio, la playa del Postiguet y la zona de ocio del Puerto deportivo de Alicante.


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