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24 July, 2017

Diego el Cigala in ADA Alicante

Hello Good morning, from the Hotel Alamo this time we have a very special plan that comes to flamenco rhythm. We have a meeting with one of the flamenco singers, who comes with all the desire to take the public in his pocket.


The world met Diego el Cigala in 1997. Since then, the Spanish artist has been recognized for his ability to blend genres and cultures, developing flamenco music and exploring with respect the terrains of Latin jazz, bolero and tango. In 2016, the award-winning cantaor returns to surprise, honoring great musicians who have earned the recognition and admiration of thousands of people around the world and the genre that brought them to glory: salsa.


What is salsa? This is the question that led Diego to undertake this project.

And as it can not be otherwise, El Cigala has wanted to experience first-person experience, immersing itself in the origins and development of salsa, for it embarks on an adventure that will take you through some of the countries that contributed to forge it in The neighborhoods of New York as a product of the reality that was lived in the Latin neighborhoods, a form of communication and a compendium of the cultural expressions and in particular, of the peoples of the Caribbean.



Together with great Cuban and Spanish musicians, in 2008 he redecorated boleros, coplas and tangos in what would become the album Dos lágrimas and which included songs as well known as Dos gardenias, María de la O, Commitment, History of a love.

With this taste to merge music and genres, in April 2010 Diego takes another step in his career and travels to Argentina for a new project: CigalaTango. This work, which is a live recording with a compilation of songs based on the Argentinean tango from the mythical Gran Rex in Buenos Aires, has the participation of the usual musicians of the band of Diego, to which are added two historical tango Argentinian: the bandoneonist Néstor Marconi and the guitarist Juanjo Domínguez.


In the rear two other well-known Argentine musicians are added: Pablo Agrí to the violin and Diego Sanchez in the cello. As host, friend and collaborator of luxury, the rocker Andrés Calamaro puts his peculiar footprint in this project.

Having captured a new success with his last tour between 2014 and 2016 that takes him to cross the world from Australia to Japan, passing through Europe and all America; Shortly before the official presentation of his new work, Diego el Cigala embarks on ’85 Tour ‘, a historic tour of immense success in Europe with the Cuban legend Omara Portuondo, which serves to celebrate the anniversary of the diva of Good Social View.


Before this last tour, Diego already knew what his next objective would be: salsa. This new work, planned to come to light after the ’85 Tour ‘, is a unique and exciting project in which it is accompanied by the most relevant musicians of the genre, both vocalists, producers and instrumentalists. Conceived in six iconic locations -Cali, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Havana, New York and Miami-, the new work began to take shape until thus end up being born the new and expected bet of Diego el Cigala: Indestructible.


From the Alamo Hotel we invite you to participate in this phenomenal event.


The concert of Diego El Cigala will take place next July 26 in Auditorio de la Diputación de Alicante. The price is around € 27 + management fees. The entry price may vary depending on the area of the venue (or theater) selected. Do not miss tickets!

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