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4 December, 2017


Dear friends of Hotel Álamo, in our weekly post we want to share with you the keys to enjoy happiness. The key? Enjoy without demands of what you love, from today we have to want, to free ourselves and to risk since it is not an impossible, but a way to follow. And if you want to enjoy a full and happy stay, you can call us at any time of the day and we will attend you. Our purest smile awaits you at your arrival!

Trying to be happy is one of the most important goals of our life. However, it is impossible when it is posed as an obligation, and even harder to reach when hurry, speed and stress prevail. The important thing is to put aside perfectionism to achieve well-being, in which to love everything is the opposite of joy.

Meditation classes, yoga, massages proliferate … But when we leave them we encounter the contradictory demands of a society subject to profitability, which generates suffering and anxiety. Who has not done in their free time lists of pending tasks or has put to order the pantry or cabinets instead of retaking the pending novel, prepare a bath or meet to take the appetizer with the friend you miss ? Why do not we learn to take care of ourselves? Listen to yourself and enjoy the simple things. Why not start today?

1. Breakfast early and outdoors. Early morning has never been as pleasant as at this time of year: there is nothing more relaxing than getting up at dawn and contemplating, in solitude and silence as the light is born, with a cup of coffee or tea in your hand and after having enjoyed of a plate of fresh fruit.

2. Concentrate on the good news. We already know that it’s not easy, but maybe it’s the best time to stop obsessively checking your social networks and news websites and to gain that time for reading: the novels that have been piling up during the year or fashion magazines, of decoration, of lifestyle.

3. Assume the imperfection of things. To be happy you do not have to be perfect, the secret is to accept life as it is. That will free you from fear of failure and from too high expectations.

4. Recognize that you are lucky. Turn a deaf ear to the little inner voice that says “I will never get it” Circumstances weigh, but also our ability to adapt. Act as if you had achieved your goal. Visualizing success allows you to put yourself in a constructive mood.

5. Free your movements. Dance as you can and as you want, the important thing is to feel that you are free and that you are not afraid.

6. Wish. We are often the first to curb what we want and to set limits. Dare to listen to what you want. Stop mixing the “I want” with the “I should”. Live as if you were not afraid.

7. Walk. Treat yourself to a walk in the countryside. A study by the National Academy of Sciences of the United States shows that walking in nature reduces stress and obsessive thinking that tends to make us see life as a mountain of difficulties, without hope.

8. Yoga practice. Start at the easiest level and forget the demands of the gym to get a perfect body. The important thing is that you feel good and you increase the health of your body, not that you sacrifice yourself in pursuit of a musculature without blemish.

9. Decorate a balcony with flowers. If you are lucky enough to have a small terrace, balcony or just some good sills, do not let them remain deserted. There is nothing like a good home gardening session to get rid of stress. In addition, the daily care of plants, watching them grow and flourish little by little, connects you to the earth and the center of life and gives you a sense of time without goals or hurry.

10. Enjoy your pet. Cat or dog, each in his style can teach you the meaning of living fully. Observe them: relaxed or explorers, deeply devoted to the here and now, live the essentials and only think about their well-being.

11. Leave verbena. There is no greater pleasure than the city at sunset, deserted and unknown. It’s a way to rediscover the streets and neighborhoods and also your friends. Is there anything better than pecking, chatting or dancing outdoors without haste or plans?

12. Travel alone. Dare, give yourself a holiday of yours, away from children and the contradictory expectations of your partner. Traveling alone allows you to get closer to others and find your rhythm. What else is to be free?

We hope you enjoyed it and that you apply these little tips in your day to day to enjoy a full happiness. And remember that for our team it is a pleasure to make our customers happy. Come check it out!

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