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4 March, 2016


Today we want to mention the importance of the history of the most central beach of Alicante, and from the hotel Alamo we want that you know fully the origins of the tourist activity that from long ago it has gone developing and get being perfected to the present day.

17The beach of the Postiguet or The Postiguet is a beach of the municipallity of Alicante, joined in the urban área of the city, placed in the expansión district Deputation, bordering on the neighborhoods of Santa Cruz and Raval Roig-Virgen of the Help. It is to the feet of the Castle of Saint Barbara, bordered by a maritime walk replete with palms. The beach is the whole icon for the natives of Alicante and is named in some popular songs as “ the blanket to the neck”.

Alicante was from 17th century an attraction of summer time. In the bulletin of the Province of July 20th, 1834 a refreshing invitation was promising to be to bath. The first facilities of the resort weren’t in the Postiguet but in the part of the port, opposite to the House Carbonell. In the 19th century they installed two fixed cabins in the shore and floating others inside the sea. The remodelings that they were coming effecting in the port they forced to move the offer of resorts to another side of the wharf: to the beach of the Postiguet.

balnearioIt thinks that Simo’s Baths (that later received the name of “The Hope”), were the first ones in occupying a place in the beach. Years before, in 1858 there had been inaugurated the railroad line that was connecting Madrid with Alicante, significant for the future development of the tourism. One could have documented the existence of several resorts in the decades of 1860, 1870 and 1880.

Since measure of saving there existed credits of nine baths; there weren’t absent doctors who were advising the therapy bather very accepted in the belief of the epoch to attack the atony, the anemia, the rickets, the chronic rheumatism or the dermatosis, between other aliments. The later tourism would see to be reborn the resorts of The Alliance and The Alhambra, with different fronts, until in the year 1969 one chose to withdraw them, with the reform of Gomiz’s walk.

Some of the names of the mythical resorts of Alicante were Diana, Alhambra, The Star, The Hope and The Rose. They were places not only of bath, if not also a centre of animated meetings. Constructed entirely in wood they raised and were kept in foot covering practically the space of what today we know as the beach of The Postiguet.

paseo de los mártiresIn 1875, one englishman a statement was publishing on the summer, the gastronomy, the accomodations, the tobacco, the port and the market in a letter sent to the diary “Times”. This small statment describes his both the baths and the environment of activities that was surrounding them, and the daily routine of those that were lodging at the pensions of the environment of the town hall and the walk of Ramiro.

Did you knew the history of the mythical resorts of Alicante? The beach of the Postuguet is one of the most important icons of the city, don’t wait any more to give a hot walk along his shores and to imagine like it was in long ago when his waters were full of bathers, stimulating the tourism of the city and relating in to the rest and the enjoyment during the holidays. From the hotel Alamo we want that you know first hand the most popular beach, which enclosed in Winter possesses activity, due to the splendid climate of Alicante.


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