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22 December, 2017

In December “Christmas Kids” of the Culture Classroom of the Caja de Mediterráneo Foundation of Alicante.

Good morning, friends from Hotel Álamo! It smells like Christmas, and the proposals for these so endearing dates are beginning to come out, especially for the little ones in the house.

On December 23 and 28, 2017 and on January 3, 2018 in the Culture Classroom of the Caja de Mediterráneo Foundation of Alicante, on Av. Doctor Gadea, 1, the children’s theater series called “Christmas Kids” will be celebrated. “, That we can not let go, and take our children to enjoy works like Pinocchio, The Lion King, the Tribute, and the Mayan Bee, the Musical.

Ariane Cultural Projects and Alex Collado, with a vast experience in the organization of shows, brings, on this occasion, to the province of Alicante Christmas Kid’s, with three wonderful children’s performances that will delight the little ones and their parents and other family.

The Cía. Ultramarinos de Lucas (National Award of Performing Arts for Children and Youth 2.015) transports us with this work to the story of Pinocchio, the popular story written by Carlo Collodi. A carpenter named Maese Cereza gives a very special piece of wood to Gepetto, another carpenter, who will carve a doll that he calls Pinocchio and that comes alive, turning out to be rebellious and disobedient.

Pinocchio escapes from home and lives some fabulous adventures that will make him grow between dangers and affections, from the hand of several characters, each more fantastic. Meanwhile, Gepetto searches for Pinocchio until he ends up inland swallowed by a shark, inside which he will find Pinocchio, who will save him and take care of him forever.

To build Pinocchio, the company has faithfully followed the original work of Carlo Collodi. Pinocchio is a unique and captivating character, who lives exciting adventures that lead him to discover the affections, the harshness and the violence of the world, in the light of his own dreams. The story takes place between fantasy and the crudest humanity.

Pinocchio is a delicate work in which the simple interpretations and the delicate manipulation of puppets and objects are emphasized, without great artifices but with a lot of magic. In the words of the company, “this show is born of emotion and the questions of what it means to be a father, what it is to be a child, what our destiny is and how much we need to fight for what we dream of”.

This production has received multiple awards nationally and internationally and comes to Alicante for the first time.

An activity for the little ones, but we are sure that the adults will also enjoy remembering those years where fantasy and magic were the protagonists of our adventures.

We do not know who will enjoy more, whether small or older, what we do know is that it is a perfect plan to take advantage of family time in the most beautiful days of the year.

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