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6 September, 2016


We love to share with you the most emblematic places of our beloved city, and today especially talk about one of the most prominent places of Alicante, Luceros Square. If you have not yet had the pleasure of meeting, we invite you to visit the Hotel Alamo to get all the information about is square and many other attractions in the city. Call us or contact us via email for more information and enjoy the offers we have for you.

In late 1920 the City of Alicante proposed to tender the construction of a fountain located in major urban axes of the future city during that time was being designed. Among other projects the monument designed by Daniel Bañuls, author who won the contest and got to do the work of the source is presented. Until the seventies, they called it “the source of the horses.” It is an artistic monument native expressionist style, inspired by nature and the four bright stars or four wandering stars shining in the sky.

In the bottom of the group of sculptures that make up the monument include the four horses representing the four forces of nature and the four seasons, symbolize the connection of the celestial and terrestrial world. The horses were modeled in clay by the hands of Daniel Bañuls, then the molds were made and the same four white horses were replicated in concrete. The horse, which is repeated in the four performances, has a rich symbolic content that expresses the forces of nature in its different versions.

LUCEROSThe horse is a symbol of abundance, dynamic and generous force whose image was regarded as a god of the waters. Horses have the twisty head to the left and right leg with the knee slightly bent. The four horses give the impression of movement in the direction of rotation and together form a dynamic figure like ancient Celtic crosses that indicate a rotational movement around a center, in this case the center is the city of Alicante. This rotational movement of the four horses and the Celtic cross that form, is completely opposite to the movement of rotation of the swastika.

At the foot of the horse, as rising water an elf figure symbolizing each of the forces of nature and atmospheric phenomena appears. The elves are depicted as creatures born near water sources, were of diminished size, beautiful and well formed. Elf on the head of a sphere beautifully decorated with a star on the most visible place holds. This star is a representation of each of the four bright stars or four wandering stars that move with the horses.

In the center of the horse’s chest there is an exotic bird That Symbolizes freedom of creative imagination. Behind the head elf and Representing the morning star sphere, the fruits of the earth Arise; pomegranates, grapes, peaches, apples, oranges and figs Representing the fecundity of nature, showing a relationship Between heaven and earth.

© 2010 Roberto PastorIn the early 1950s the square was a busy place and gathering area in the city, especially in summer nights when free shows held in the source of luminous water games.

It is the center of various social events of the city of Alicante, as the Three Kings, parades and Bonfire place where mascletás are made. In addition, this is where fans Hercules Football Club after an upgrade flock to swim and enjoy the victories of his team. This event is repeated with other sports hobbies such as Real Madrid or FCB clubs.

Have you visited Alicante and you kept wanting to see more monuments and learn about new developments? Hotel Alamo wants to know our city from scratch, offering our customers the opportunity to become familiar with all the unknown aspects of the city, we are pleased to share with you our story. Book with us and knows all the surprises we have reserved, enjoy Alicante at its best!

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