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13 December, 2016


Dear friends and fellow hotel Alamo, today we share with you the story of one of the most emblematic of our city, El Teatro Principal buildings. Surely many of you have been able to attend any of the functions and plays over the years, and once inside may have noticed that it is a building steeped in history, that despite the reforms has remained faithful the initial structure. You want to know more about the Main Theater and billboard for 2016? Well, come spend a few days with us! We will keep you informed of everything that you need to get to know Alicante.

On September 23, 1845, twenty-one of the most important commercial city with two aristocrats and two families of owners held a meeting that the idea of building a theater. They put on shows that the city of Alicante lacked a theater worthy of their culture, as existing works were improvised in unsuitable premises. Finally, by agreement of October 18, 1845 ceded the land needed for its construction.

Day 2 January 1846 began in the Plaza del Barranquet the works was then called New Theatre to distinguish it from existing old theater on Calle Lioma. It was opened on 25 September 1847. Ten years later it was renamed Theater of Alicante and shortly after theater. The project architect was held in the Alicante Emilio Jover Perron.

Noted for its volumetric and urban treatment, it is completely free of outbuildings and occupy a special place in the urban fabric. The main facade is neoclassical, made in ashlar view, which is attached a Doric portico of six columns double height crowned by a triangular pediment.

As for the interior, following the dominant type of theaters “Italian” has a horseshoe-shaped room and four plants suitable solution for acoustic and visual perception of the shows. In this arena there have been several reforms, the most important of which ended on September 20, 1876, led by the architect Juan Vidal Ramos, ending on October 28, 1941, after the fall of a bomb during the Civil War on stage. Finally there was also another reform with important economic contributions of the City of Alicante, La Caja de Ahorros del Mediterraneo, the Ministries of Public Works and Culture and the Ministry of Culture of the Generalitat Valenciana. The major reform ended on May 6, 1991.

The current capacity is 1072 seats, which is considered useful capacity 960, the remainder being of reduced visibility. The useful capacity is as follows composed: 440 seats patio, 16 stalls, 129 seats Club (1st floor), 32 seats in Les Halles (1st floor), 123 in Palco run (2nd floor), 208 Amphitheater (3rd floor ) and 12 in proscenium.

In addition to its magnificent architectural composition, the main theater has received several royal visits throughout its history. Amadeo I visited the theater on March 15, 1871, Elizabeth II on March 26, 1858, Alfonso XIII on January 17, 1909, Sofia of Greece on May 6, 1991 and Juan Carlos and Sofia on April 18, 1995.

Since opening the Main Theater has been a place of great significance for the city. In itthey have made numerous and important activities. Suffice it to mention important figures in the performing arts and music they have performed at:

-> Margarita Xirgu, Julián Gayarre, Julián Romea, María Guerrero, Sagi-Barba, José y María Isbert, Marcos Redondo, Pablo Sarasate, Pastora Imperio, Lola Flores, Valeriano León, Aurora Redondo, María Fernanda Ladrón de Guevara, Amparo Rivelles, Concha Piquer, Juanita Reina, Andrés Segovia, Narciso Yepes, María Asquerino, Fernando Fernán Gómez, Arthur Rubinstein, Mary Carrillo, Ismael Merlo, Alberto Closas, José María Rodero, Concha Velasco, Joaquín Cortés, Aitana Sánchez Gijón, Irene y Julia Gutierrez Caba, José Luis López Vázquez, María Jesús Valdés, Antonio Gades, Victor Ullate, Ainhoa Arteta, Federico Luppi, Nuria Espért, Adolfo Marsillach, Norma Alejandro, Ángel Corella, María Gimenez, Julio Bocca, Antonio Canales, Rosa Mª Sardà, Lola Herrera, Juan Echanove, Natalia Dicenta, José Mª Pou, José Sacristán, Lindsay Kemp, Ana Mª Sánchez, José Sempere…


And formations of great scenic significance as:

Joglars, Tricicle, Dagoll Dagom and Teatre Lliure.

The current owners of the Main Theater of Alicante are the Hon. City of Alicante and Sabadell Bank. Both entities endowed funds annually for maintenance activities.

Director: Francesc Sanguino

Jefes Técnicos: Luis Martínez Ortuño y Jose Manuel Cabot Cháves, Jefa de Administración: Mª Dolores Padilla Olba, Secretaria de Dirección: Yolanda Mirete Bañón, Jefe de Sala: Alberto Ramos Pascual, Tramoyista: Jose Luis Sirvent Martínez, Conserje: Jesús Martínez Masanet, Taquilleras: Felicidad Sánchez Martínez y Rosana Sánchez Carrasco, Limpieza: Antonia Manchón Maestre y Cristina Montero Varas

Plaza Ruperto Chapí, s/n – 03001 Alicante ·

Telf: 965 203 100 ·  Tickets: 965 202 380

DIRECCIÓN: director@teatroprincipaldealicante.com

PROGRAMACIÓN: programacion@teatroprincipaldealcante.com

TÉCNICOS: tecnico@teatroprincipaldealicante.com

ADMINISTRACIÖN: administracion@teatroprincipaldealicante.com

SECRETARÍA: secretaria@teatroprincipaldealicante.com

INFORMACIÓN: informacion@teatroprincipaldealicante.com

We also want to take this opportunity to share with you the carterla for this July in the main theater of Alicante. If friends, we’re lucky because this summer the theater keeps its doors open, and with great shows that we advise you not miss them, WORTH VISITING THE THEATER SEASON DURING THE SUMMER! And of course, do not forget to come and have your stay with us to know all the news first hand and always receive the best treatment insured. See you friends!

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