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13 November, 2017


Hello, good morning to all the friends who always visit our site to find out about the latest news in our city of Alicante, this time we show you one of the most essential exercises that can help us to be active. It is an exercise that will keep us in shape and that with practice will give us a healthier lifestyle.


It is a method that consists of a set of physical exercises specially designed to strengthen and tone the muscles without increasing its volume. This discipline allows stylizing the figure through the realization of a fluid sequence of movements with few repetitions. The benefits of pilates are undoubtedly one of the exercises that best bring us to the body and you can not doubt them, it is a very complete method. Do not hesitate !, people who have tried it speaks beautifully and there are many people who decide to take the plunge and try. It will hook you because in few sessions you will see the fruits.


The main benefits of pilates are:

It reduces stress, is very important, in these times is one of the biggest problems worldwide of millions of people, learning to breathe very concentrated will help improve your levels of stress and anxiety.

You learn to know each part of your body by studying all the positions and muscles with your teacher.


You will rest and sleep better. You can forget about what happens to many sometimes to go to bed with much sleep and at the time of wanting to sleep you are not able or it takes many hours to be able to do it.

It is a method that will help you in a very remarkable way the concentration, flexibility, you will acquire more strength and you will learn to breathe in a correct way as the bases of this training indicate it.


You will improve the postures that you carry out day by day. It is very important to know what posture you should keep when you are sitting in class or in the office, you are standing or you are doing different postures to do your job.

When you get older, there are things that cost a lot to do or you simply can not, this is because of the age and the aging of our body, but with the exercises that you will practice day by day, you will contribute and you will get the best benefits of Pilates, this will improve and you will see that you will begin to perform tasks that previously cost you a lot or that you could not do.


One of the best benefits of pilates is in the prevention of injuries or when it is too late and we suffer some, is a good method for the rehabilitation of our body. It is fully adapted in many hospitals in other countries like USA and UK. Unfortunately, although their great contributions on these issues are known, in Spain, due to the crisis, this adaptation is being delayed a lot in public hospitals.


From our hotel we encourage you to practice this fantastic activity that over time we will see very positive results, which we will notice every day as we go.

In the following link we leave you some basic pilates exercises so that you begin to practice it.


Keywords. Meditation, concentration, thought, positivism, postures, relaxation, breathing, practice, diaphragm, joints.

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