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8 March, 2016


cristo de los gitanosAre you fanatics of the processions of Holy Week? We are already in March and from the hotel Alamo we you want to enter in one of the most striking and spectacular processions of Alicante. We speak like not about the Christ of the Gypsies, an emblematic procession in our city and that sure that if you represent to seeing her not you vais to repenting. Call us and we will inform you about our offer and this way you will be able to benefit from more advantages if you reserve now. You you it cannot to lose, to call and to reveal what we have prepared for Holy Week!

The Holy Week in Alicante is one of the holidays most waited by the devout ones of the processions. It is the celebration of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and is represented across the processions that realize the different confraternities to Saint Nicholas de Bari’s concatedral, during the period between the Palm Sunday and the Easter Sunday. They realize a tour for the streets 28 processions and it is a Holiday of Tourist Interest of the Valencian Community.

The processions begin the Palm Sunday in the morning with ” the burrita “, which crosses the principal streets of the center of Alicante. On this procession thousands of natives of Alicante accompany him on his palms. The same day they do his station of penance five more confraternities:

Jesus Triunfante’s brotherhood (Known as The Burrita): founded in 1942 by the doctor Pedro Herrero, with canonical headquarters in the Provincial Home. His step represents the triumphal entry of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem.costaleros

  • Jesus’ Sacramental Brotherhood in Samaria and Holy Prayer in the Garden: founded in 1954, with headquarters in the Church of the Mercy. The mystery of the Prayer stands out in the Garden, work of the Sevillian sculptor Antonio Castillo Lastrucci.
  • Brotherhood of the Christ of Sorrow and the Holy Woman Verónica: founded in 1947, work of Castle Lastrucci also, stands out Verónica’s mantle that has embroidered 148 shields of the municipalities of the province.
  • Confraternity of the Holiest Christ of the Finding: founded in 1992 on Villafranqueza’s neighborhood (The Palamó). His step represents Christ expiring, being a height of the 19th century, proceeding from the convent of the Capuchinas.
  • Jesus’ Brotherhood tied to the column: founded in 1885, it has his canonical headquarters in San Blas’s Church, from which it realizes his station of penance with Jesus’ steps tied to the column, Maria’s meeting with his son and our Lady of the Crown of Thorns.
  • Infantes’ Confraternity of San Pedro Apostle: founded in 1997, it is integrated by children and young women, being his only one I spend the image of the apostle San Pedro.

In the ancient neighborhood or also called of Santa Cruz, from the hermitage that possesses the same name it divides the most popular Procession of the Holy Wednesday in Alicante. From them 19:00h, the most followed, the most sung, which looks like the Andalusian ones, the most difficult, in which they they all want to be and to do for finding hollow between the costaleros to collaborate in the freightage of the steps to see ” the gypsy “.

The Penitential Brotherhood of the Santa Cruz crosses the streets of the neighborhood, which has his own personality and there is to the skirts of the Saint’s Barbara Castle, of narrow streets, pronounced raises and descents and with stairs of high places stagger.

For these alleys, the costaleros meet them and wish them him to carry the steps avoiding to strike balconies, electrical cables and lampposts, even up to supporting them on knees and ankles to avoid the obstacles and supporting the balance, and they realize it hotly, feeling, sweat and tear.

The Christ of the Faith, also called ” gypsy ” by the color of his skin, is the one that starts more passions between the settlers of this neighborhood, between the natives of Alicante and many visitors who come from distant view to have it nearby and to enjoy seeing it. It staggers with the effort of the costaleros that stuck to the walls overcome the difficulty nimbly. Some devout persons caress the face and touch the wood with the hands. The Christ of the Faith is a Luís Ortega’s work Bru, done in wood of cedar in 1964 and it was restored in 2004 by Gema Mira.

It falls down the evening while the first lanterns are ignited and in the balconies, windows and roofs that are full of persons admire the skill of the costaleros and the difficult tour of these streets. They recall those facts in which Jesus was crucified.

For those that you are interested in being present at this magnificent procession, I leave the link of the page you where there appear the schedules of the processions, fraternity, itineraries and tours of the steps: http://www.ver-alicante.com/PROCESIONES+SEMANA+SANTA+ALICANTE-22-seccionpublico procesion

Would you like to see the procession of the Christ of the Faith? From the hotel Alamo we invite ours which they are present at this procession, it is impressive to see since Christ descends for the streets replete with stairs and sloping slopes, is the whole work of art that deserves to be seen at least once in the life. Do not wait any more and your stay plans in the hotel Alamo! In addition, if they realize his reservation advanced by telephone, you will be able to enjoy our marvellous offer for Holy Week in the hotel Alamo. Escape and enjoy of our dear Alicante!

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