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1 August, 2015

6 reasons why Alicante is the best holiday destination

Why do so many people keep choosing Alicante to go on holiday? Many return every year after visiting once, falling in love with the fantastic city. Looking at Alicante through the eyes of a foreigner, it is easy to understand why they don´t ever want to leave. In this post, we share some of the things that make up the special charm of Alicante.


So, why Alicante?

1. The spirit of true Spanish culture and traditions. It´s positively impossible to get bored here. Every month, or sometime every week, Alicante surprises its visitors with processions of dressed up locals, celebrating this or that festival. From the famous Hogueras in June and Semana Santa processions at Easter to the Carnival in February, it makes no difference in which season you choose to visit – fun is guaranteed.

2. The sunsets from the Santa Barbara Castle. Its a must-do for every visitor of the city to climb to the top of our most famous landmark – 9th century Santa Barbara Castle, just 10 minutes walking from the Hotel Alamo. Watching the stunning Mediterranean sunset from one of the castle´s parks is an experience you´re going to want to keep repeating.


View of Alicante

3. The amazing nightlife. Once the sun goes down, Alicante comes alive. The main fiesta zones are the Barrio and the Port, which stay full of party-goers until early morning hours. When it comes to the variety of bars and clubs on offer – there is something for everybody. Many places play international music but you can easily find some reaggeton and authentic Spanish party atmosphere.

4. The sun and the Mediterranean sea. The climate here is truly perfect, which together with pristine clean beaches and transparent waters makes Alicante as closet to paradise on Earth as it gets. 330 sunny days a year speak for themselves.

5. The food – varied, cheap and delicious. Alicante´s gastronomy is full of rich Mediterranean flavours. The paella, tortilla de patatas, tapas of all types for every taste – here you will forget about the diet.

6. The people and the atmosphere they créate One of the main things that differentiates Alicante from similar destinations is its people. Not only are they tanned and beautiful, but also friendly, always happy and enjoying life to the fullest. Meeting the people Alicante will make you see how easy it is to diconnect from the routine and trivial things. Their joy is contagious, you will be laughing about the things that make you worry back home over a few copas in no time. Besides, if you´re a Spanish language enthusiast, you couldn´t find a better place to improve your skills. Alicantinos have one of the clearest pronunciations of all the Spanish regions – which will no doubt help you learn.

Do you have any extra suggestions for our list?

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