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29 November, 2016


Dear fellow of Hotel Alamo, this time we want to share with you a very interesting article that has to do and much to professional success and the way we develop ourselves in the workplace. We love to share all current, cultural and social interest information. So get we invite you to visit us at our family hotel full of art, culture and an ideal location!
The work environment is certainly one of the environments in which more care the way we behave. Does it affect our way of being or acting in your career? As they discussed experts on the subject, and can be just as important as the fact of leaving us skin when properly perform our work.

A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology analyzes the relationship between employment status and sense of humor and the final conclusion is that, if it is used properly, can be beneficial and produce a good impression on people we surround, whether colleagues or bosses. A funny person conveys confidence, you can fathoming more safely and competently. However, the sense of humor is often seen as something redundant, and rarely we realize that is an attribute that greatly affects relationships and hierarchies are established both in the workplace and socially.


The authors of this study opted for it to realize that many students graduates to join their first job, deliberately hide his personality for fear of falling ill and losing the opportunity to progress in their career. “No express as they are, they know the risks involved,” says Brooks, co-author of the study and a researcher at the University of Harvard.


Of course, this does not mean you have to pranks and jokes without any filter. The jokes and humor move in a thin line between right and socially inappropriate. First, it is better to let the sense of humor prevail, you should know who spend a joke and who is not, and that touch issues at different times. Humor greatly influences the way we perceive people, in certain cognitive behavior and the relationships we build both inside and outside the work environment. It is perhaps for this reason that besides the effort and quality of our work, we must also focus on the way we behave, as it will determine our professional growth.

And so friends, I encourage you to show yourself to the world as you are, always with empathy and analyzing the situation to avoid mishaps. Do not forget that the smile is the best curve of the body, and the Alamo are putting it into practice. ‘See you in San Fernando nº56 !!



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