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17 February, 2017


Hello, good morning to all our followers of all our social networks, faithful readers who choose us to find out the latest news. On this occasion we want to impart part of our ideology, which is to promote the well-being of people and thus obtain a better quality of life. The issue we are going to discuss today is about the “heart”, which we often ignore without realizing that it is the muscle that supports our lives.

The heart is the organ of the human body that never rests, it is vitally important to care for it. Failure to care for it means that you may have heart problems and symptoms, which have the leading cause of death worldwide. There is a wide variety of factors that positively and negatively influence our heart. Improving them involves a very small effort compared to the important difference that separates life from death.

Certain factors have a significant influence on the likelihood of a person suffering from cardiovascular disease. These are called “Causes of risk”. Some causes of risk can be controlled but others can not.

Although it is not possible to control certain risk factors such as sex, age and heredity, it is possible to prevent lifestyle related risks in order to prevent or delay the onset of cardiovascular disease.

Here are some tips you can follow to avoid heart problems.

img-post-como-conseguir-un-corazon-sano         Negative emotions have a significant influence on the risk of having a heart problem. To avoid this, it is enough to practice some exercise, something very useful in many fields of life, and how could it be otherwise, also to maintain a healthy heart. After all, the heart is one more muscle, just like any other, it has to be exercised so that it can beat with a harmonious rhythm. With half an hour of exercise should be enough, but it is important to maintain the habit of doing it daily without falling into the unwillingness.

         Stress is very closely related to the risk of heart disease, but also other problems, too much stress contributes to anxiety problems, people with negative emotions and social inhibition are at increased risk of cardiovascular problems .

         Obesity is linked to heart problems. The best way to control it is to calculate our body mass index, in order to find out how much fat is in our body. However, it is not an infallible method. One of the most recommended methods is simply losing 10% of our weight, the change in our blood pressure and in our arteries can be decisive.

         Keeping some incorrect sleeping habits can be very harmful to our heart because it favors the risk of tachycardias as well as the metabolic syndrome. Experts argue that sleeping a few hours prevents the production of serotonin, which causes a feeling of discomfort that leads us to engage in poor dietary practices.

          Negative emotions usually increase, blood pressure is what causes heart failure. In addition, as a large number of studies have recalled, it is proven that the population suffering from depression is four times more likely to suffer a heart attack than those who do not. How to say it is very simple, but the complicated thing is to carry it out, sometimes it simply serves with a little reassurance and count to ten. Depression is thought to favor plaque build-up in the arteries, increase in heart rate, and red blood cell count.

 And finally we recommend that you visit your doctor. Of course, the last word can only be taken by a professional and its examination tailored to the situation of each patient.

From the Hotel Alamo we hope you have enjoyed this advice to make the most of the best of gifts, the precious life. We are delighted to share with you all a little of our lifestyle since we are always in pursuit of culture and sport.

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