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14 November, 2016


Dear friends of Hotel Alamo, this time we want to share with you a great astronomical event that will take place this November and we are sure you will love it if you have the pleasure to enjoy it. And of course, if you want to share it with the best company, you will be waiting in the reception of our hotel, ’24h at your service !

And in November, the Moon will approach the Earth much more than what we are used to seeing. This event was not repeated since January 1948 and will infer that we are seeing the biggest star than usual. This phenomenon will take place on November 14 and will observe the moon 14% bigger and brighter.

You may ask, what this phenomenon? The origin of this rarity thanks to the elliptical orbit of the moon explained. Our satellite will be very near the point of its closest to Earth, 48,280 km closer than when it is at the farthest point called apogee orbit. Thus, the satellite is much closer to the Earth and receives reflecting sunlight directly and makes it look brighter in our sky. This phenomenon is known as perigee Supermoon or Moon.


However, supermoons are partially common, most recently last October 16 and December next month also will be another perigee moon. However, attention reiterated in November and which will be completed in about two hours, causing the sensation of seeing it more dimension. “The moon of November 14 is not only the full moon nearest 2016, but to date in the twentieth century,” said NASA in a press release. We will not see her so close to Earth until November 25, 2034.

To see the supermoon it is advisable to move to a nice dark place, away from big cities and light pollution. It will be appreciated throughout the night, but is expected to reach the peak on the morning of November 14 at 1:52 p.m. in Spain. And besides, if you like astronomical phenomena, we are lucky !! On the night of 17 and 18 november also we will appreciate the meteor shower of the Leonids, very bright and extremely fast meteors that reach speeds of up to 250,000 kilometers per hour.

You know dear friends, this November we have an excuse to take advantage of the time change and enjoy the superluna, preceded by rain of stars that can also contemplate. Join us for this special evening full of magic and shine!


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