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20 January, 2017


surfGood morning assiduous readers of Hotel Álamo, this month we want to show you one of the most important activities that are carried out in our city, and prepare you, because soon we will have many great surprises. Do you want to know more? .

“Practicing a leisure activity in a different” informal “way and having hope in something active is very positive and beneficial. We know from research that has been done on the subject that exercise can be beneficial in cases of stress or depression mild.

The benefits lie in the ability of surf to make us live the moment: “Surfing is like many high impact activities, it requires putting the 5 senses with adrenaline levels and energy very high. Apart from having a good time, we will have a very funny.

Surfing is a sport for which various skills such as balance, strength and coordination are required. And with the practice of this activity, we can improve our physical condition. It is a sport that is made in contact with nature, it is very valuable to release the stress and discharge adrenaline, puts us in a position of alertness and we use all the parts of the body to stabilize us on the board. Surfing is a very complete sport and more and more are those who join it.

Benefits of surfing.

In addition to relaxing, surfing combines aerobic exercise with a toning. The cardio-respiratory rhythm is improved and calories are burned at the same time that the muscles of the back and arms are worked. It also strengthens our glutes and legs, muscles that are used a lot to stay upright on the board. Its effects on the muscles are noticeable in the short term, besurrf alicantecause to get strong waves and paddle and hold on the table involves a great physical effort that allows us to gain muscle tone, resistance with ease, and at the same time we improve the balance and coordination .

Surfing is a very complete activity, ideal for enjoying in spring and summer, and for the more adepts throughout the year.

Surfing is a good palliative against stress. Nature, waves and wind are the key to enjoying this sport, releasing stress and downloading adrenaline. It also encourages concentration because you have to be very aware of what is happening around you, which is constantly changing.

Without a doubt, we present the best sport, which will bring a lot of motivation to our lives Sport full of sensations! We invite you to know the excellent beaches to practice it.

 Stay at Hotel Alamo and get to know us! We have an enviable location near the port, the beach and leisure areas. We will wait for you!!

Below we leave you a forum for places to surf in alicante.


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