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2 December, 2016


As you know in Hotel Alamo we are lovers of sport and healthy life and this Christmas month is loaded with sporting events in which to participate and we want to put in your knowledge so you do not miss any. On Sunday, December 4 will take place the 14th Volta a Peu Alicante, a walk to enjoy the streets of Alicante with family, friends or with your pet, which runs through a tour in the main streets of the center.
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18 October, 2016


Dear friends of the Alamo, this time we want to propose the practice of a sport that is attracting more and more fans to the province. We love to share all the news of our dear city of Alicante and this kind of sport allows us to enjoy the surroundings and physical activity at the same time and with the same intensity with you. And of course, if you want to visit Alicante with the best company, do not hesitate to call us!
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4 October, 2016


Dear fellow of Hotel Alamo, for this October we will inform you of everything that will happen in our beloved city of Alicante , prepared ?. For earlier this month will carry out an act that concerns all of us , both as professionals and citizens living in Alicante. It is a conference that takes planning for a long time and to be carried out very interesting proposals by students or professionals who participated. Share with us the experience!
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23 April, 2016

Free Alicante Guided Tour

Today we want to present you the best way to visit the most famous and historic places from Alicante with specialized guides in a very economical way, because you will not have to pay anything, it is a free activity and we believe worth you enjoy it.
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25 March, 2016


Today I would like to highlight the importance that the languages occupy in our province, and from the hotel Alamo we emphasize in a topic and we are interested in it both for the sector of the tourism and for the sector of the hotel and catering business, restoration and leisure. In the last years, the Costa Blanca has turned into one of the major destinations into Spain for the learning spanish. Every year Alicante receives about 50.000 student, who generate an economic movement of 190 million Euros. The United States is one of the most important markets as for the segment of the idiomatic tourism, acquiring the Spanish a great importance owed largely to that every time they are more the conditions that adopt the bilingualism in his public administrations.
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4 March, 2016


Today we want to mention the importance of the history of the most central beach of Alicante, and from the hotel Alamo we want that you know fully the origins of the tourist activity that from long ago it has gone developing and get being perfected to the present day. The beach of the Postiguet or The Postiguet is a beach of the municipallity of Alicante, joined in the urban área of the city, placed in the expansión district Deputation, bordering on the neighborhoods of Santa Cruz and Raval Roig-Virgen of the Help. It is to the feet of the Castle of Saint Barbara, bordered by a maritime walk replete with palms. The beach is the whole icon for the natives of Alicante and is named in some popular songs as “ the blanket to the neck”.
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25 February, 2016


Today I will talk about my love comics and I encourage you to accompany me during your stay. As we all know, Alicante is not only known for Spaniards and foreigners because of its favorable climate, since there are other aspects that makes it interesting in the eyes of the traveler. This is the case of those who love the world of comics. From the Hotel Alamo we can take a tour of a number of specialty stores and Alicante province, daring to recommend the following, because if you are a fan of this type of culture should not miss the opportunity to visit them.
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12 February, 2016

Typical products of Alicante

In today's post let’s talk about the typical products of our city of Alicante. In the hotel El Alamo, when customers ask us about what are those typical products of the area, talk to them about the following we are going to write.
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17 November, 2015

An outdoor city

Do you know the ancient face of Alicante? If not, from Hotel Alamo we invite you to travel back in time to learn about the years of history of this city. Would you like? Alicante is a city with centuries of history. All cultures that …

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29 September, 2015

World Tourism Day

The World Tourism Day is commemorated on 27 September each year, since the General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) decided to celebrate this day since 1980. The main objective of celebrating this day is to promote awareness about tourism and its importance in …

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