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29 November, 2016


Dear fellow of Hotel Alamo, this time we want to share with you a very interesting article that has to do and much to professional success and the way we develop ourselves in the workplace. We love to share all current, cultural and social interest …

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4 October, 2016


Dear fellow of Hotel Alamo, for this October we will inform you of everything that will happen in our beloved city of Alicante , prepared ?. For earlier this month will carry out an act that concerns all of us , both as professionals and citizens living in Alicante. It is a conference that takes planning for a long time and to be carried out very interesting proposals by students or professionals who participated. Share with us the experience!
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20 September, 2016

‘Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’ in the Teatro Principal in Alicante

Good morning friends! Today we have good news for you and we will be able to enjoy in Alicante one of the most successful musicals of recent times, "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert". As you know, this musical is based on the winning film Oscar with the same name that tells the fun experiences of three artists Drag Queen crossing the Australian desert aboard a bus that names the musical, representing his daring show a journey in search of love and friendship and made known to some difficulties they have to spend to get achieve their dreams.
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12 August, 2016


Do you know the square Gabriel Miro of Alicante? From the receipt of our hotel Alamo we want to invite you to know the magnificent history of this square, which is located to less than 5 minutes walking from the hotel. In turn, we invite them that they lodge in our rooms and enjoy a small elopement to discover the captivations of our dear city. Call us to discover the offers and promotions that we have prepared for you in the hotel Alamo. You you it cannot lose!
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26 April, 2016

Symphonic of Pink Floyd en Alicante

Hotel Alamo we'll always presenting all possible alternatives to spend your leisure time in a fun and entertaining way and to make your holiday with us will be as complete as possible. This time we recommend attending with us to see a musical, but not a musical either, it is a unique show with live music on the popular rock band Pink Floyd. pinkfloycartelPink Floyd was British rock band, considered a cultural icon of rock in the twentieth century and one of the most influential bands in the history of music, which gained great popularity for their psychedelic music that evolved into progressive rock with step weather. Pink Floyd is a rock band known for its high philosophical content songs for his sonic experimentation, innovative album cover art, and elaborate live shows. Its sales now exceed more than 300 million albums sold worldwide success that few artists and bands throughout history have achieved.
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27 October, 2015

Sweet California concert in Alicante

After the success from last February 15 in Alicante with the presentation of their first album “Break of Day”, Sweet California visits us once again to present their second album entitled “Wonder Woman”. In this new concert Sweet California will present us their winter tour …

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