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24 April, 2017

The Amaranth

Good morning Friends who are always in the expectation of our publications, today the Hotel Alamo wants to bring you an important topic that has to do with natural medicine, and we often leave it aside. This time is the opportunity to discover how to lose weight naturally.


The protagonist on this occasion is “El amaranto”, also known as “huautli”, began to be cultivated in America more than 7,000 years ago by the Mayans, who esteemed it as a sacred plant. At present, it is not only present in the American continent where its consumption is traditional, but others such as China, USA. And, above all, India, have begun to produce it thanks to the rediscovery of their properties. The seeds and leaves of this cereal contain beneficial nutritional properties for cardiovascular health.


 The amaranth plant is harvested in its entirety, from seeds to leaves, and has a nutritional profile not only interesting but beneficial to health. Below are some of its main features and some gastronomic ideas are included to include it in the diet.

 It has been shown that amaranth leaves contain a lot of proteins, with their maximum accumulation in the flowering phase. In addition, the leaves contain a quantity of provitamin A and vitamin C. They also have different minerals, among which calcium, iron and magnesium stand out, although it should be taken into account that the body absorbs calcium and iron of origin better Animal than the one from vegetables. The leaves contain a lot of fiber, reason why its consumption can be beneficial for people with problems of constipation.

The energy and nutritive value of amaranth has been well studied, and the conclusion of the research shows that the grain has a higher concentration of protein than other cereal seeds. Thus, the lysine content (limiting amino acid in cereals) is higher, with a concentration around 15% -18%, higher than that found in wheat, rice and maize. Its high protein content is compounded by its high carbohydrate content, since starch is the largest component and accounts for between 50% and 60% of its weight.


Among the main medicinal effects, it is attributed to him:

– Prevents and helps in the control of osteoporosis, diabetes mellitus, obesity, hypertension, constipation and diverticulosis, chronic renal failure, liver failure, hepatic encephalopathy, celiac disease and is recommended in the diet for autistic people.

– Control of diarrhea.

– Prevention of colon cancer.

– It is also recommended for patients with bucodentomaxillary, geriatric, malnutrition and oncological problems.

– It is recommended as part of the hyperenergetic and hyperproteic diets and in the hypocholesterolemiante.

– Due to its energy content, it is also beneficial for patients with high caloric requirements.


From the Hotel Alamo we remind you that do not hesitate to visit us if you pass through the city of Alicante. We hope you have enjoyed this advice, we have prepared it with the best of our intentions.


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