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15 May, 2017


The Jump of the Usero is a natural space that finds in the northwest slope of the hill of the Castellar by where they pass the waters of the river Mula, in a place called El Molinar. It is considered as one of the most beautiful natural areas of the Region of Murcia.



In this natural enclave, visited by thousands of tourists throughout the year, on the night of San Juan the traditional “Bajada de la Mora” is celebrated, bringing together hundreds of people who, at the edge of midnight, gather around the A pool that forms the great cascade of water, heart of the place, with the aim of meeting the “Queen Mora” and being able to be blessed by its miraculous waters. A beautiful legend, a beautiful dream, why not live in life.

We are already feeling the rays of the sun on our skin, and the cold has fired and why not, organize a little trip to Murcia, our beloved neighboring land, which offers us many things to see and to live.

The water of this river for millennia has been sculpted giving rise to some of the most visited sites of the municipality of Bullas. It is a waterfall that houses inside a natural dome, an impressive pool of water that the neighbors call “vaera”, and that invites to give a good bath.

Its beauty is adorned with the greenery of an exuberant vegetation. Upstream is the source of the Mula River, which although currently dry, has a great cultural interest. Numerous reservoirs and interchanges of interest continue to flow downstream.


In addition this section of the river Mula, in its passage through Bullas, also has a good historical and ethnographic content. To the ruins of the castle located at the top of the Cerro del Castellar, built in the eleventh century, are added twelve flour mills, of which still one, the Molino Felipe, remains active today. Also two of them, the Molino de Abajo and the Molino de Arriba, of which there is news in 1684, have been rehabilitated for rural tourism.

It is therefore a place of geological interest with a high geomorphological, sedimentological and hydrological interest. Supported by other natural and historical contents, this corner Murcia is useful to be used in various activities of a scientific, educational, and geotouristic type.

How to get

The Jump of Usero belongs to the municipal term of Bullas and forms part of the channel of the river Mula. It is situated on the northwest slope of the Cerro del Castellar, next to the place called El Molinar.

Taking a road that starts from the south of the village, we must immediately take another, also asphalted, on the left that crosses the Llano de Bullas, and a mile and a half we arrive at this Place of Geological Interest.

The coordinates of the GPS are: Coordinates: Latitude 38.025019992907 – Longitude -1.673730469312

From the Hotel Álamo we want to promote sport, especially in the open air, such as trekking, as both in our province of Alicante, as in the neighboring provinces, we have wonderful, magical landscapes that we should all know and discover.

Do not hesitate to visit us, from the reception, we will inform you about all this and much more!

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