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23 February, 2016


Today I would be charmed with sharing with all of you a different topic, in reference to a book that I am reading entitled The thought and his power, which author of the same one is Swami Sivananda (1887-1963), one of the big teachers of yoga of the India, beside being a recognized doctor of medicine and a great wise person or yogi. I they would like to be able to enter inside the world of the positive thoughts and the repercussion that they have on us and in since we us unroll for the world.

The search of the happiness is our goal to continuing, we might say. Every day, we go after that one that makes us happy, that liberates inside the mechanisms of our brain the hormone of the happiness or serotonine. Every person to his way depending on his tastes and interests realize all that makes them happy and inevitably they remain in constant it waits hoping that the happiness comes, without realizing that the wait of the happiness is the essence of the same one. Our thoughts influence the above mentioned search, depending on the degree of positivism that we could find in them.

At present evoriginal-el-pensamiento-y-su-poderery time there exist more scientific and experimental evidences of the immense power of the thought in our lives, both in the positive sense and in the negative. The quantum physics us demonstrates that on having been quite energy (the matter is a condensed energy) and the thought also it is, since it is creating permanently the reality through that we live every day. We are responsible for what we think about us themselves, about our reality, about the others and about the future. We are totally participants of what will happen in the near future, every thought, attitude, emotion and action are weaving the plot of the life through that we will live, we cannot stop being sowers of the crop that we will collect.

The magic of the positive thought only is understood if it is practised, with the time we develop a power that is capable of changing the course of our life. Later I am going to name some keys that can help us to re-formulate our way of feeling, of acting and of thinking. To practise these guidelines can help us to reach a certain level of success and to improve our quality of life:

  1. To avoid the ideas of the type ” quite or at all “. The reality is not ” white or black “ or ” good or bad “. If we think about these terms, we are rigid and do not give place to different points of view. Our mind tends to be polarized in his expositions, doing that we feel anguish and exaggerate, for it it is preferable to avoid it.
  2. Not to generalize too much. The conclusions that begin with “always” or “ever” they aren’t in the habit of driving to exaggerations.
  3. Not to focus in the worst detail. The situations have different points of view. If we choose to centre on the worse thing, everything will be seen badly. An example of it would be more importance gives to critiques that to praises.
  4. Not to minimize the good thing. Always there is something positive for standing out. If we overlook it or devalue it, we lose the opportunity to estimate his advantages. To see in the negative thing exactly of dresses positively.
  5. Not to exaggerate the importance of a problem. We must centre on minimizing the problems using our aptitudes to confront them.
  6. To avoid the predictions. Before confused indications or that us wake anxiety up, we anticipate the worst conclusion. To think that something will go out badly affects in his result.
  7. To say “not” to the suppositions. It is possible that we think that another friend, couple, partner thinks or feel in a different way. To ask it is better than it to give for made, since we don’t know it with accuracy.
  8. To flee of the victimizaction. Phrases or feelings as ” why do I touch it always to my? “ or ” always I have bad luck “ they remove us from the responsibility on our acts.
  9. Not to put us to put labels. On having been wrong, not all our person deserves to be discredited; and something similar happens when others commit mistakes. It is not the same thing to say ” I did this “ that ” I am an idiot “. But attention: neither to make the others responsible for own mistakes.
  10. Put limits to the own responsibility. If we believe ourselves persons in charge of every problem only we feel fault. This idea, nevertheless, conceals other one, more negative still: to think that everything is under our control.

These are sompositividade guidelines that can orientate us to think about Positive, without stopping being realists, and knowing that problems exist that to face, but simultaneously to know that solutions exist for discovering, strategies not to suffer from stupid form and especially to learn and to understand that with our way of being and of thinking we are creating the future through that we are going to live. To think positively when problems and frustrations exist is easy and needs temperature and will, but it is absolutely necessary to understand this reality, because it is a law of the nature and it us concerns and influences our lives.

Thus I have wanted to show you the most positive side of our hotel Alamo, where we surround ourselves with good thoughts and focus our energies to offer an ideal and complaisent service for all our clients. It is a pleasure to be able to share with you this magnificent book, which practice will help you to find the calmness inside the tempest, in order that you do a small idea to yourselves of how it affects the way of thinking us themselves and to our environment. I encourage you friends to put into practice the positivism and the creative thoughts!

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