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21 April, 2017


Hello, good morning to all the friends who always visit our site to find out about the latest news in our city of alicante. This time we show you one of the most complete therapies that can help us to be active. It is a practice that will keep us in shape and that with practice will give us a healthier lifestyle.

What is Reiki? It is a therapy from traditional Japanese medicine that considers that by the hands can be channelized the energy of the universe to be able to heal some affections that we have both physical, mental and spiritual. This therapy has its essence and philosophy that in the body of the person flow different energies where the chakras are channeled, and when the energy stagnates in one of these corporal points is when we fall with some illness or annoyance. Next we will reveal the main benefits of Reiki so that you understand why it has evolved to become one of the most demanded therapies.

reikiReiki is born from the belief that any illness (emotional, physical, or mental) occurs when one of these energetic epicenters are blocked and, therefore, by using the energy projected through the hands, it is possible to unblock and allow Everything returns to its normal course.

In our body we can treat with this therapy the muscular pains, of joints, of bones, etc.

The origin of Reiki is based on an ancient practice of Japan that was rediscovered at the beginning of the last century by a monk, Mikao Usui, where it was discovered that in the past they used their hands as conductors, which brought cosmic energy into contact with earthly energy, Therefore, the word “reiki” in Sanskrit means “universal life energy.”

The most remarkable benefits of Reiki.

Once we know the principles of this technique and modes of action we are going to talk about the benefits of Reiki.

Relieves chronic pains and migraines, menstrual pains, low back pain, among other ailments, can be treated with Reiki by undoing the energy block and allowing the energy to return to its course through the body.

It is an analgesic of Recovery of injuries thanks to the restoration of the corporal energy, Reiki allows the injuries and the wounds can cure more quickly causing that the inflammation diminishes and, therefore, that the pains diminish.

Another benefit to emphasize is that with this therapy it is obtained that our immune system is much more reinforced since it is working correctly obtaining that each organ is to the maximum level; This is ideal to avoid conditions like flu, otitis, gastroenteritis, etc.

El-ReikiIn addition to improving physically we have already indicated that Reiki also influences emotional and soul recovery because it allows the channels to be unlocked and therefore the “disease” that we suffered disappeared. This therapy helps to balance people energetically, so after a session you are in a state of relaxation and well-being.

The channel that puts you in touch with the cosmic energy is the hands and you have to imagine that it acts as a filter, that is, it only allows the positive energies to be shed, thus getting away completely the bad energies that can Worsen your quality of life.

Reiki with practice is able to balance the chakras that form our body and connect them with the source of energy, that is why people who begin learning this millennial practice can learn to heal with their hands by channeling energy through these Connection points.

From our hotel we encourage you to practice this fantastic activity that over time we will notice very positive results, which we will notice every day as we move forward.

If you pass by alicante do not hesitate to stay in our hotel since it is characterized by having one of the most enviable situations of Alicante and very close to the beach as all leisure areas; We will be happy to welcome you in the best possible way.

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