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27 March, 2017

The Tea Properties

Good morning Hotel Alamo friends!

As you know, in our hotel we keep for the healthy life, doing exercise, eating healthy food and to have a life without excesses.

In Hotel Alamo, we have a breakfast according to our politics, natural ecological orange juice, toasts with olive oil of first pressure and coffee or tea, of which we offer different varieties, which you know they have great properties about which we are going to tell you in this post.

Tea is a drink habitually used by the natural medicine of oriental civilizations to take advantage of its therapeutic properties, the green tea and the red tea are used to lose weight because they are diuretics, reason for what not only they do not put on weight but also they help you to Slim. But they have more properties like that they are beneficious for our health and in addition other types and varieties of tea also exist.

The green tea avoids the premature aging, it reduces the risk of suffering breast cancer, lung, stomach, prostate and colon. In addition it avoids the hardening of the arterial walls (aterosclerosis) and it helps you to reduce the risk of cardiovascular accidents.

The green tea also helps to lose weight diminishing the warehouses of fat in the liver, which they make also very beneficial to avoid or to relieve diseases of liver, and finally it helps to support the good health of the nervous system.

te blanco

On the other hand, the red tea is the best choice to lose weight, since it is a variety of tea that surrenders to a length process of maturing in warehouses for several years, and that process contributes to its flavour and typical color, and its great power to lose weight.

This one, as the green tea, has a diuretic effect, it helps to eliminate liquids and to improve the digestion.

Another kind of tea is the black tea. It is different to the rest of varieties of tea, and it is very recommended by the doctors, since it reduces the risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases, stimulating the heart and protecting the internal walls of the arteries, it stimulates the nervous system, for its content of metilxantinas, effect that also have the previous ones, also diuretic, helping to eliminate the retention of liquids and relaxing the muscles of the bronchioles, so that it helps to improve also the breathing.

Another much less known variety of tea is the white tea, a special elaborated variety with the youngest outbreaks of plants that stand out for having a very delicate and soft flavour, very different from the other three ones.

As for its curative properties, scientific studies proved that the white tea contains a major quantity of polyphenols that the green one and, therefore, its antirust power is also more powerful, for what it is capable of anticipating the aging of the fabrics, improving the level of cholesterol in blood and reducing, with more efficiency still that the green one, the risk of suffering cancer.

So, we recommend you to change coffee for tea, because as you can see tea has more positive effects for your health, and it does not have contraindications, and, in addition it is possible to take it in many different ways, cold or warm, only with water or with milk, with lemon, with honey, with cinnamon, with mint, or like you prefer, you can choose.


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