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8 January, 2016

Theatre Play: SOCRATES, trial and death of a citizen

The famous and successful play by Mario Gas and Alberto Iglesias titled “Socrates trial and death of a citizen,” based on the famous Greek philosopher life arrives at Alicante.

To summarize, we can say that this play focus on the late years of the known thinker and philosopher life, best known of ancient Athens and Plato’s teacher, a scholar who did not want to write their thoughts because he felt that everyone should develop their own, at a time when most people were left guide and influence in politics and religion. Socrates was the author of such well-known and repeated expressions as “I know that I know nothing”. Socrates was tried in his last years of life and condemned by his countrymen for having denounced corruption in Athens and have warned about the superstitious and manipulative role of official religion. For this reason he was accused of despising the gods and corrupting the youth. His disciples proposed to him to flee on many occasions but he refused for wanting to be faithful to his principles and he was sentenced to eat a cup of hemlock and he died on the spot making of his death one of the most famous ones in history.


That play lasts about an hour and a half and it will be performed in only two functions, so we advise you to buy the tickets for it and do your reservation in Hotel Alamo in advance to avoid running out of watching it. The performances will take place on Saturday 9 of January at 21 am and Sunday 10 of January at 6 pm in the Teatro Principal of Alicante.

The cast consists of actors as well known as José María Pou, Carles Canut, Amparo Pamplona, Pep Molina, Borja Espinosa, Motorcycles and Ramon Guillen Pujol.

As for prices, they are between 20 € and 28 €, a price more than advisable to enjoy of our plays and spending time entertaining and learning more about one of the most famous philosophers of history.

Do not miss your ticket and your room at Hotel Alamo, go ahead and make your reservation now!

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