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4 August, 2017


Dear followers of our blog, we would like to share with you some very useful tips to avoid that during the holidays you can be more calm and safe and suffer no theft. As you know, in tourist cities is the order of the day the removal of personal belongings and therefore we want to fight and prevent this from happening. Do you want to enjoy your vacation with the best company? We are at your disposal 24 hours, call us to know our best offers!

We are all vulnerable to robbery and much more when we are on the street. The pickpockets and friends of other people abound and can make us spend a very unpleasant time. Therefore, we will explain some suggestions that can help you to be more protected:


  1. It is important to bear in mind that our ability to protect ourselves from street theft depends to a large extent on our level of attention to the environment and the prevention measures we use. However, the degree of violence of the city in which we are also influences, as there are cities where street robberies are minor robberies and others in which the victims go through very unpleasant experiences, and it is in these cities that there are That double the attention.
  1. It is necessary that when we are in the street we become aware of our surroundings and avoid distractions. Always watch that you are not being followed by someone, always look at the people around you when you walk down the street, and if someone suspicious is following you, enter a restaurant or public place to throw him out. It is not about living in constant paranoia, but about being alert and paying attention to what is happening around us. This is one of the fundamental characteristics if we want to avoid being assaulted on the street.
  1. Avoid the habit of handling large amounts of cash. Many thefts occur because the information of your habits leaks to the thieves, making you a potential victim. When you need to carry out a major money operation (transfers, payments, etc.) always do it online. It is advisable to never count the money on the street. If you have had to withdraw a significant amount of cash from the bank for some reason, always tell it there, discreetly and making sure no one is watching you.
  1. You must learn to distribute your belongings in different spaces of your bag or backpack, so if a pickpocket or thief tries to open it, valuables will not all be together. The cell phone and significant amounts of money should preferably go in the front pockets of our pants.
  1. Never, never for a minute, lose sight of your things. A small distraction can make you the victim of a robbery. It is also not recommended to use bags and backpacks that do not close properly or do not have a suitable closure. If it is the case that some bag does not have a secure closure, carry the wallet and the mobile in your pockets.
  1. ATMs are very comfortable and allow us to withdraw money at any time of the day. But many people are victims of theft when they decide to cash in at night. It is best to be cautious and perform this task during office hours or in broad daylight. If you make money at night, use the ATMs inside the bank and pass the insurance to the door while you are inside. Avoid at all costs ATMs located in dark, isolated or isolated places and never stop to cash out if you see someone suspicious in the surroundings.
  1. Pay attention to strangers you talk to on the street and avoid accepting objects such as flowers, brochures, etc. Often they are strategies of deception to attract victims and steal them. It is important to always walk through lighted streets and avoid dark alleys and dark places late at night. If you are in a neighborhood that you do not know or that has an important crime rate, it is best not to walk on foot, take a taxi correctly identified to leave the place.
  1. Avoid having valuables in sight: cameras, mobile phones, music players, computers, etc. These are a huge temptation for the friends of others, it is best to keep them in your bag or backpack and take them with great caution and in safe spaces. Nor is it advisable to go out on the street adorned with jewels and with valuable clothes, these are a magnet for thieves.
  1. Attention to street shows that congregate crowds. Many times these spontaneous shows are organized by pickpocket groups that are dedicated to stealing distracted spectators. If you want to enjoy street show, always do taking care of your belongings.
  1. When traveling by car or taxi, try as much as possible to always do with the windows raised to prevent anyone from getting into the vehicle, this is the form of robbery popular in many countries. Never carry your bag, backpack or valuables between your legs, or in the seats, as you are more exposed to being easily removed. It is advisable to have your belongings always sheltered under the seats, even when traveling by taxi.
  1. Always have the number of police and security agencies in your city on your mobile phone, so if you are ever in a situation of possible theft, you can quickly alert the security corps.

We hope that you have served the advice and suggestions that we have shared so that you can rest easy with the robberies of others and pickpockets. And for greater security always, it is better to go out to enjoy your holidays without carrying anything important. Happy holidays, friends and have fun!

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