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12 February, 2016

Typical products of Alicante

In today’s post let’s talk about the typical products of our city of Alicante. In the hotel El Alamo, when customers ask us about what are those typical products of the area, talk to them about the following we are going to write.

Arroz-a-Banda-300x217We would emphasize mainly rice. Undoubtedly rice is one of the typical dishes of Alicante and there are many different varieties. Rice is eaten with vegetables, meat or fish. The most popular are rice and rice a banda to Alicante. Although you can also taste the risotto and black rice, among others.

On the other hand, snacks and sandwiches are also representative products of Alicante. As you probably know, are small stuffed rolls which combine meats and salted fish with vegetables and they are also very popular in the rest of the country.

salazonFish, food could not miss and living next to the Mediterranean Sea. It fresh seafood, high quality. You will also find the typical Alicante red shrimps or prawns, shrimps and crayfish, squid, red mullet and many other sea delicacies.

Salted, from which also write a post exclusively of them. The sea also from the raw material from which salted as the roe, tuna belly, tonyina “Sorra”, etc. If you want to know more about them, you feel free to read our post.

dulceAs for desserts, nougat is one of the sweets of Alicante. And as ice cream, there are a variety of artisan ice cream shops scattered throughout the city, and you can find many different flavors. Also very traditional anise rolls, cake called “coca boba”, dates and nuts.

About drinking and finally the post, the wines of Alicante are taking lately a place of honor among the great wines of the world. Notable double-layer red wines, pink and white youth, and of course the Fondillón, which is a Alicante old wine of world renown.

So you know, you can not lose you these delights for your palate and learn more gastronomy in Alicante. From the Hotel El Alamo we will advise each and every one of those mentioned above. Take advantage!

Hotel El Álamo

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Hotel situado en el corazón de la ciudad de Alicante. A 200 metros del mar, entre el centro de comercio, la playa del Postiguet y la zona de ocio del Puerto deportivo de Alicante.


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